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Some people think they are at the mercy of bad credit, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, MyScore dot com is an excellent place where people can gain insight into the credit score issue and find more peace of mind and empowerment. These days, protecting one’s credit is more critical than it’s ever been, so credit protection is sound and sensible. At, people are seeing the benefits of a relationship and later reporting their credit improved with all the key credit bureaus. What people are starting to realize is that credit is a key asset. Furthermore, many more consumers are noticing that you have to safeguard your credit the same way you do other assets like your car and house. Cars are equipped with steering wheel locks, alarms that get aggressive, loud and noisy; and other anti-theft devices. Homes have security system, monitoring, video cameras, apps that enable them to see whose at their doors, ways to sync lights from remote sites so as to deter burglaries, and more. As much as people protect their physical assets, they are learning to appreciate and protect their credit. Paying bills on time is not even close to being enough to protect credit any longer. Savvy consumers are learning to lean on

Not only do they offer a 7 day trial membership, but they have an Ironclad guarantee of protection.
They place their client’s peace of mind as a top priority. Those who are dissatisfied with their all-in-one approach to management and protection of their credit, can just cancel during the trial period and owe nothing. “We’re so serious about protecting our members, we even protect you against being anything less than 100% satisfied,” they advise.

Members at all levels can access their credit learning center to gain more knowledge about their credit rights and other tidbits.

With My Basic Score, the consumer member has credit protection, along with credit monitoring and alerts with all three credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian and TransUysnion.

Those with less than ideal credit will appreciate the My Score Advantage, because it was designed for people who feel helplessly tossed in the credit stream with no anchor to keep them from getting swept away by the currents and tides and no way of getting out without taking a beating.

With this advantage, members can get help with detecting fraud and errors due to the comprehensive monitoring plus alerts that come with this plan. They are also safeguarded against unpleasant surprises that could bar them from using their credit. Lastly, with My Score Advantage, the consumer member can stay on top of their credit and do regular credit checks with the bureaus on their own.


Pro Rewards

At this membership level, consumers get the most protection. Comprehensive and with exclusive benefits, the Pro Rewards comes with all types of perks. For starters there is unlimited access to credit bureaus, credit fraud consultation, email alerts on key changes, roadside assistance, travel and hotel discounts, grocery and shopping coupons, and more.



One thing about the credit savvy, they are able to rise to the top of the credit chain, as they ally themselves with a company noted for its exceptional customer service, its great perks, and most of all its ability to keep their credit safeguarded during the critical times we find ourselves living in these day. When loans, credit card applications and jobs are often tied to credit, it’s wise to have help with keeping the credit as healthy as possible.

As many customers are stating,, is not just a website. Countless consumers are reporting that it was their credit haven.  A comforting aspect any company, that is involved with your finances, is to have excellent customer service.  MyScore, without question,  really impressed me by the outstanding customer service.


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