The exorbitant cost of weddings

Some ways to save money

My daughter are getting married in 2016 and because we have heard that it is important to start with the planning of such a wedding at least 12 to 18 months in advance therefore we have tried to arrange the venue as soon as possible. Even in this area there are many options which are available to a potential bride and we have seen that there are many people who have only one objective and that is to make as much money as possible out of a couple that wish to get married. This is exactly why starting as soon as possible and carefully considering all of the available options will allow a couple to find a venue which are sufficient for all their needs and which often come at a substantially lower price. Each of those venue operators will often have many different packages which they will present to their customers. Some of them will insist on doing all the decoration of the venue which may relief some pressure on the bride but which will also often cost significantly more.


Negotiating the menu

Many proprietors of wedding venues will insist on providing the food for such a wedding. Many of them will charge exorbitant amounts of money which can really increase the cost of that wedding tremendously. In our family we are fortunate that both my wife and their sisters as well as all the sisters-in-law are very adept in making food for venues and events. We have a large family and we regularly have sizable get-togethers where there are mostly enough food to feed a whole army. I have recently turned 50 and between my wife and sister-in-law they have made enough food for the 60 invited guests and there was so much food left over that they had to distribute the surplus among the family. Naturally if your family do not have these kind of talents then you will have no other option but to make use of catering services. We are in the fortunate position that we will be able to save a lot of money in this department.


The wedding dress

Very few things will be as important to a prospective bride as the wedding dress because more often than not it is the wedding dress that will help her to stand out as the most honored guest at the wedding. Traditionally a lot of attention was invested into ensuring that the proper design are chosen as well as the highest quality of material and that the dress had to be made by an expert designer. This is what my wife did when we got married almost 2 decades ago but the problem is this dress will only be used once and thereafter it will only gather dust never to be used again. Therefore a prudent decision will be to consider hiring the dress and this is actually very sensible because there are thousands of bridal galleries that are able to provide in even the most peculiar needs. They are even able to make minor adjustments in order to ensure that the dress will be exactly what you desire. I think it makes a lot of sense to start the planning of your wedding as early as possible because it allows you the time to deal with the challenges which are encountered and to improvise where necessary.


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