Swagbucks, Sweepstaks and Prizes, Oh My!

There’s all kinds of reward and loyalty programs on the internet. In fact, marketers know that people are trying to maximize their spending power in every way they can, while not having to spend an excessive amount of time and effort to do so. I’ve tried many of them, both on the internet and through smartphone apps and reward cards. I want value and added value/perks so that I can experience the optimum outcome for my efforts, time and other investments. From my experience with fleshjing out all kinds of promised outcomes, I confidently give my vote to Swagbucks. They get a thumbs up from me on all fronts, and for good reason. A Swagbuck membership gives you clout and they operate like money in the bank. Getting a membership with Swagbucks is easy, and it enables you to make money from your regular online searches, anytime and anywhere. Many people use Google and Yahoo when they are conducting a search for something or someone, such as a chiropractor in the area. If you do that same search utilizing Swagbucks after joining them, this search engine will operate like a virtual currency flow for you. The Swagbucks search engine is a collaborative power effort by Google and Ask.com. What happens when you search for anything using this search engine, you get prizes in the form of gift vouchers, merchandise, sweepstake entries and others.
However, the Swagbucks virtual currency system is set up where you can earn Swagbucks in more than one way. However, there are some ways to get points the easy and speedy way. Here are some ideas:


  1. For starters, there is a tool bar that you can install on your browser. This downloadable tool bar is a key component to you getting paid for your searches. Once this is installed, you should search on Swagbucks throughout the day, with an even distribution of searches in the early part of the day, the afternoon and later part of the day. While daily searches gets you on the right pathway, the thing to remember is to search every single day in order to see your Swagbucks stack up. Translation: use Swagbucks with dogged persistence.


  1. Just about every day Swagbucks gives Swag codes. They are found on the Swagbucks website, the Swagbucks tool bar, the Swagbucks blog and the society pages on Facebook,Twitter and Flickr that are dedicated to Swagbucks. The key is to check these locations frequently. Whenever you discover a Swag code, you should be prompt in taking action, because the code has a short term of use and may expire soon.


  1. You can also get paid with Swagbucks when you recycle old cell phones and send them in to Swagbucks instead of one of the other cash-based cell phone buyers. A lot of mobile phone carriers give away free cell phones when people purchase their mobile plans. Typically, when you start a new plan, you get a new phone. This can result in an accumulation of a number of old cell phones in a household over a period of time. When you have such unwanted phones that you are not using, throwing them away where they end up in land fills will not be a smart option. Selling them online at sites like Craigslist can be tricky. Using machines at the mall can also result in stalled or aborted transactions, if the machine does not recognize your image as the same image on your scanned driver’s license. Trading them in at Swagbucks is a winning solution, because those risks and complications just aren’t a problem.


  1. Sweepstakes and other Swagbucks activities are another way to generate points. When you are faithful about entering, you have the opportunity to win and begin to rack up Swagbucks.


  1. Be sure to refer your friends to Swagbucks. You’d be selfish not to, for they’d hate to find out down the line that you were in on this cushy set-up and didn’t tell them about it. When they join, you earn. As you rack up more and more friends on Swagbucks, you gain more and more Swagbucks for yourself. What you earn will in no way detract from what your friends earn. Every friend you refer is worth up to 100 Swagbucks. Also, you are turning your friends on to something that can greatly benefit them, because they can win great rewards just like you are. If you sign up 40 friends on Swagbucks, you can earn 4000 Swagbucks; which translates to $440 in Amazon gift cards.


  1. Doing surveys and participating in polls is another excellent way to gain Swagbucks. Giving your honest option is a superb strategy that you can utilize impact the products on the market and gain points on a daily basis. It’s like lending your voice to the marketplace. You can also earn profile points as well. When you fill out profiles in various categories, you will get more surveys that are targeted toward your interests and able to pay you more Swagbucks. The Dashboard will show you where your survey and poll opportunities are every day. All you have to do is register for surveys and check your email and dashboard regularly for offers and opportunities. You will find the reward amount for each survey, its length, and the survey number. If they already have enough survey takers for a particular demographic, or you don’t meet criterion, you don’t walk away empty-handed, you will still get some points for your time.


Swagbucks is a top-notch loyalty program that many people are using in order to earn gift cards and all kinds of usable perks. The gift cards can be for gas or other dedicated purposes, for Amazon.com, Walmart, Starbucks, even charities. There is something to appeal to every need and desire. The book lover will be satisfied, as will the coffee drinker and the book loving coffee drinker. Once you rack up points, you can also go to the Rewards store to browse and shop through several categories; such as electronics, food and beverage, health and beauty, along with many others.


Some describe Swagbucks as being similar to credit card loyalty programs, but it has even better benefits. You can use points at hotels, QVC (the premiere online shopping site),  high-end shops like Nordstroms/Brooks Brothers, shoe stores, electronics stores, for ordering flowers for special occasions, getting free shipping with certain merchants and just about anything you’d need in your living and shopping experiences.


Finding out about sales and promotions @Swagbucks can also help you get more value from the Swagbucks experience. This is something I really like. There is another site that does this, and they are pretty good. But I find that taking advantage of Swagbucks promotions doesn’t dig into my discretionary cash the way the other site does. I may save money with the other site, but I still have to spend cold, hard cash in order to get the discounts. With Swagbucks promotions and sales notices, I can find out whether some item I’ve been sitting on the fence to purchase at some later date might be available sooner. There are some places where I don’t shop, because they exceed my means. Yet, I may still find something in such a shop that is exclusive to that shop – one perfect example is Nordstroms and Brooks Brothers. So, if I can a notice for a sale or promotion at such a place, I may be able to use my Swagbucks to get the item that was otherwise out of my reach financially.


I also use certain services that I would not otherwise use, such as sending flowers. Swagbucks can help me justify that type of investment. I’m a happier, more confident shopper now that I have a membership with Swagbucks. The membership is loaded with potential ways to help you to become a savvy consumer. It’s like they did my thinking for me and came up with a program that meets my needs in several convenient ways. Even  when I splurge, I can indulge a little bit more with Swagbucks. For example, I may be able to afford a Venti, which is 20 ounces, when I would otherwise buy a short (8 ounces) or a tall (12 ounces). When I use Swagbucks at Starbucks, I can really get a tall, when I order; instead of getting a tall that’s not really all that tall. Swagbucks + savvy shopper = a winning team.



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