Saving money is not impossible

Don’t get carried away with the rat race

If you are like me then we normally are in too much of a hurry to handle the little bumps in life properly. When appliances break down we simply do not have time to deal with the inconvenience. We don’t have time to deal with dubious characters posing as appliance repair men that have only one goal and that is to rip us off. Then we end up paying exorbitant repair fees with short or nonexistent warrantees that simply are not worth anything. This was the situation I found myself in when the vacuum cleaner breathed its last earlier this week. I did not even consider phoning an appliance repairer, I’ve been down that road before and the experience was not memorable. So I thought to myself, how hard can it be, to unscrew the carcass and at least take a look and if that does not work out, then the only option will be to buy a new vacuum cleaner.


Entering the beast

I found an old Phillips screw driver and then started to take the top part of the vacuum cleaner apart. It was not difficult, just required a little persistence and a little sweat but once that was done I was able to inspect the innards of this thing. It was not overly complicated although I do not claim to understand all the dark secrets hidden in there. Nevertheless I checked all the wires in there and basically had a look at everything which was visible without success. Then I though, certainly thousands of people must have encountered this same problems and therefore certainly there would be advice on the internet which should be helpful. I was not disappointed, there were several other people who had problems with similar vacuum cleaners and in many cases the solutions was simple.


Most vacuum cleaners are rather sturdy

Reading through the comments, some which were written by electricians and handymen there were many people who thought that most vacuum cleaner problems could be attributed to minor issues. Sometimes the people are pulling the vacuum cleaner chord too tight and this could cause one of the electrical wires to pull out of the plug interrupting the flow of electricity to the motor. I removed the plug and checked, but it was not the problem in my case. Then I find out that pulling the wire too tight weakens the electrical cord especially where it enters the vacuum cleaner casing and this could also prevent electricity from reaching the electrical motor.


Vacuum cleaners are not that mysterious

I inspected the cable and indeed where it enters the vacuum cleaner casing there were clear signs of wear. I then cut the cord through with a knife and cleaned a section on both sides of the breach and then joined the different colors together again and using ample amounts of insulation tape to ensure that no electrical short was possible. I assembled the vacuum cleaner, plugged it in and I had such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment that I cleaned the whole house. Realizing I had just saved a considerable amount of money added to my euphoria.


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