MLM Ways To Make Fast Money: Monetize Your List

If you are marketing your MLM business with a website or not, You have most likely heard the phrase “It’s a numbers game”.

The truth is that you must have a large pipeline of people that you prospect is just what marketing is. There will always be more people that do not buy whatever product or service that you represent.

This just means you need a constant stream of people to be profitable in MLM.

The  Concept of making  profit from all  those who do not:

A. Become a customer or
B.  Join your MLM business

…is the mortor that will hold your business together, produce a huge list, and skyrocket your cashflow. But most people have just been taught that the people who do not do business with you are just normal side effects of doing business, an expected loss.

The problem is that if anyone holds this attitude they will undoubtabley be disappointed and leave your company.

One of the greatest MLM ways to make fast money is to Monetize Your List by using a funded proposal. A funded proposal is a tool that creates a list of quality prospects by offering value that educates and often value through affiliate recommendations.

A funded proposal is a great way to profit from your list, to build your reputation as a leader and put leaders into your MLM business. This concept works by informing and educating your audience first. Through this process they grow to know you as an expert in the field. After following some of your recommendations for resources, they often find they want to contact you directly to learn more about what you are doing.

Sound interesting?

Source by Ken Seavert

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