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No matter what your current financial situation may be, it is sincerely never too far from being radically improved when you have two forces working for you in an organized way.

These forces are very basic, but it is absolutely essential that you master them both. When you do, you can Make Fast Money Legally over and over again, all the way toward financial freedom and even wealth!

What are these two all-powerful forces? They are mindset (psychology), and mechanics (method).

We’ll start with mindset, because to be perfectly honest with you, this is the tricky part. The mechanics are relatively easy. You find what works for you and you do it. It’s a no-brainer. But without the proper psychology to keep you moving in the right direction, you could have the perfect plan laid out right in front of your face, yet completely fail to follow through with it.

So what is a winning mindset? I believe it boils down to 3 disciplines. If you take the time to ponder the following points and fully engage yourself in the process of the mental conditioning I suggest, you’ll already be 75% of the way there!

1. Why? If you really want to make fast money legally and immediately, you’ve got to know why. Strange as it sounds, you’ve got to have a compelling reason to want to succeed. Is your goal simply to have a bunch of paper bearing the images of deceased leaders?

Or do you want to provide an amazing lifestyle for your family, your friends, and yourself? Do you want to give to your church or favorite charity? Do you want to buy your kids (or parents) a new car or house? Do you want to upgrade your social status or impress members of the opposite sex? Do you want to travel the world?

WHY do you want to make great money? Be crystal clear about it. Cut out photos in magazines… the perfect house, car, or destination. Write down your goals. Make them compelling. Make them real!

2. What? How much money do you really need to (a) make and (b) accumulate in order to make your dreams (as defined above) a reality? Again, write it down.

For example: In order to live the life I’m committed to living, I must pull in a net income of $3,500 every single month beginning in two months, commencing on the first day of that month.

Another example: By the end of next year, I am fully committed to having the sum of $32,750 cash in my savings account.

Make your target specific. Be sure it’s fairly realistic, but just inspiring enough to be outside of your “comfort zone”. A million dollars in a day most likely will not happen, no matter how strong your mindset! By the same token, making ten bucks in a month will probably not inspire you enough to do anything to achieve it. Make it achievable and exciting! This is absolutely key.

Remember, if you don’t know where you’re going, how the heck are you supposed to get there?

3. Are You Ready? Believe it or not, just about everyone who fails to make money in significant amounts, or who fails to ever get ahead financially in any sense, does so simply because they are not ready for success. They don’t believe they can do it, or that they are even worthy of success, and thereby they act accordingly… and their results follow suit.

Sad but true, if you don’t really think it’s possible to make fast money legally… you’re absolutely right!

Of course, if you DO think it’s possible… again, you’re absolutely right!

Repeatedly fine tuning your answer to the first question (why?) will begin to provide you with some belief in yourself, because your excitement will put you in the right frame of mind to achieve results, and you’ll feel it!

A powerful technique you can use to build up your own belief in yourself is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would I have to believe to prevent myself from becoming financially independent? 
  • Why is that belief absolutely ridiculous? 
  • Why has God (or “the Universe”, “nature”, “my ancestors”… whatever YOU believe in, even if just dumb luck!) chosen me to succeed at this time? 
  • How can I ever repay this world for blessing me with so much success?

And don’t leave it at the asking. The real power lies in the answers. Answer these questions with all of your heart. BELIEVE and you will achieve.

These are the basics for a mindset that will have you swimming in big, big money! (This mindset applies to all aspects of your life.)

You will make fast money legally and have a blast doing it!

Of course, mindset alone won’t do it. It’s ridiculous to assume otherwise. You can have all the psychological advantage in the world, but if you’re trying to fish for sea bass in the Nevada desert, you’re going to be miserably dissapointed!

You NEED mechanics. You need a winning, workable strategy to follow to reach your goals.

Lucky for you, strategies abound. Unluckily, many of them are not winning or workable. It can take a hell of a lot of time and energy to find one that does.

What I’ve personally found is that there are five online opportunities that have consistently delivered great results for people who have extraordinary mindsets. Please don’t attempt to engage in these opportunities without knowing: Why you’re doing it. What it is, specifically that you need to achieve. That you CAN do it, and absolutely DESERVE to do it.

If you feel you’re ready to move onto the mechanics and explore these five online income genres, CLICK HERE.

I hope this has helped. Thank you for reading.

Source by Jim Goodman

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