How To Spot Misleading News And The Best Travel Deals On The Internet

Today we are going to be discussing two very different yet related topics specially websites that promote misleading news online and travel websites. You may be wondering what would one have to do with the other? The thing we need to look at is how we gather information and use it to make important decisions. In the past (few hundred years ago) the only way we got information about world events was by word of mouth but we all know that whenever something is spread by word of mouth the integrity of whatever is being communicated could easily be compromised.

With the advent of printing presses we got our “news” from the newspapers but the editors who were writing the reports could either present a positive or negative story based on their own personal observations. This “biased” reporting had an impact on society since everyone was reading the same newspaper they were all essentially thinking the same things. It was only when journalism became legitimized that a code of conduct was established. This “code” required that journalists report the facts in an impartial way and let the public decide on how to interpret the “news”. This was very popular during the 1960’s when America was going through a revolution against the Vietnam War and brought down the presidency of Richard M. Nixon with the WaterGate Scandal.

For the last 50-60 years we got our news from the television and that seemed fine but with the proliferation of the Internet we could access news sources from all over the world instead of being forced to watch whatever the broadcast news stations wanted to broadcast. Something that most people realized with the Internet is they were “missing” out on a tremendous amount of information that if they had access to it they would not approve of specific government policies and activities.


So What Do I Need To Know About Spotting Misleading News?

Well thanks to the Internet it has become very hard for governments to hide their dirty secrets so what we are seeing now is Internet “trolling”. This is where individuals post a plethora of misleading reports that appear as “news” but it is nothing more than propaganda using a “strawman” to make the discussion focus on something else beside the current topic. This approach of casting doubt and misdirection helps keep the public off balance and unable to make an informed decision.


How To Spot These Fake Reports?

It is not always easy to identify a fake or misleading report because these tips will provide clues. Look at how the article is structured, does it present facts or does it present observations. Here is an example of facts, the weather today calls for 35 degrees celsius with 40% humidity while an observation with the same information would say “today will be a muggy day”. As you can see the facts are just that facts while the observation puts you in the mindset that it will be “muggy” so you need to plan accordingly. As we mentioned earlier by biasing the news it influences public opinion on many things.


Wars Are Started On Misleading News!

We are not politically motivated but let’s look at the war in Iraq, the latest one. Remember those “weapons of mass destruction” ? Sure you do, we all seen the reports from apparently credible news agencies beating the war drums claiming that the now deceased Saddam Hussein but it seems those news agencies were a little careless with their due diligence because it turns out there were no weapons of mass destruction but it’s ok to go to war without just cause due to misleading reports but hey the world is a safer place right ? Forgive the sarcasm in the tone but if you are not able to trust the administrators responsible for the public good it really says a lot about society.


So What Does Misleading News Have To Do With Travel?

When we travel we rely heavily on the news reports to make informed decisions like right now the big fear is Ebola and contracting it so parts of Africa are experiencing a massive amount of fear. This fear is spreading throughout the economy to such a great degree that people are scared to go outside and do business. Since the news was posted about Ebola in Africa the number of people have been traveling to Africa and this downward trend will continue for many months to come. Now Ebola is a serious condition but there are more people dying each year from obesity related conditions than Ebola but you don’t see people avoiding fast food restaurants like people are avoiding Africa.

Let’s look at another breaking news item, Everyone remember S.A.R.S ? That nearly brought the world to it’s knees. Everyone was wearing masks scared to get caught with this disease but how many people died from S.A.R.S. compared to starvation ?  You can clearly see how the mass media uses fear as a tool to make us do whatever they want. The media is entrusted to give us information that is factual especially for major events like the Malaysian airlines plane gone missing or being shot down over Ukraine, What really happened with to these aircraft we will never know for certain but the media is going to have fun providing us with their “guesses”.


Why Should I Care About Travel And Misleading News?

This is not some conspiracy theory god knows there are enough people who talk about these theories but what we wanted to highlight is that we for the most part live in a market driven economy where people and consumers make all of their buying decisions based on what they see on the news and Internet. Would you buy a product, service or travel somewhere if all you heard about it was negative feedback posted on the Internet ? Chances are pretty high you wouldn’t and this is what causes concerns. The mass media and now to a certain extent the Internet are purveyors are deceit on a grand scale, if they will lie about weapons of mass destruction they will lie about anything.


What Should I Do ? Move To A Cave In Siberia?

The reality is that no matter where you go you will have access to the Internet and mass media so there is no way to avoid it. What you can do is learn how to filter through the garbage to find out the truth. There are many websites out there that provide unbiased reports on important happenings around the world and they have done it for quite some time without having to face too much resistance. You need to review and assess the credibility of the statements being made to determine whether the information being provided is clear, concise and honest. One way to do that is to cross reference the stories with other independent news sources that are not and I repeat this again “are not” affiliated with any news agencies otherwise you could be hustled into believing a false report.


Leverage Social Media To Verify News And Travel Reports

If you want to know the truth about something you can look at the hashtags (#) to try and find out what is currently “trending”. During the civil unrest in Syria and in Egypt many people took to Twitter and Facebook to share the truth of what is really going on. Even the oppression in Palestine being committed by the Zionist cannot be muffled by mass media thanks to these social networking websites. While some of the claims, comments and reports posted on these websites will provide you with a clearer insight on what to expect.

The reason we want to provide you with this information is not to make you “jaded” or anti-establishment but to highlight the current challenges being faced in the “information age”. Now that you know how to locate erroneous information on the Internet you should ask yourself how to overcome these challenges.  There is an analogy “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” and it applies to many things in life. What the analogy means is you need to raise issues with the lack of journalistic integrity when it comes to news reporting on the television or Internet. One way to raise your concerns is to write to these organizations and highlight their inconsistencies. While it may be tempting to start calling names or attacking the “character” of the organization that is sinking down to the lowest possible level and doing so will jeopardize your credibility in the process.

By constantly raising “concerns” about the inaccuracy of the news agency they will have to deal with the comments especially as you are being vocal about it.  There are websites like that provides honest, professional reports but you shouldn’t just take our word for it but instead perform your own due diligence. You really need to be proactive in these matters if you want to protect yourself from mis-information and the ravages of it.


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