Dangers of Online Job Hunting and How to Stay Safe

The desire to make money online has prompted thousands of individuals to hit the internet in search for online jobs which will enable them make money and live their dream lives. This is a farfetched misconception, as there is literally no online job that someone can land and become an overnight millionaire. However, if your pursuit is to simply find gainful employment there are opportunities online, you just have look a little closer.  I did take a closer look at one website called applyforjobsonline.net, my goal was to provide to all of my readers a safe place to provide detailed personal information and justifiable expectations.   My results are near the bottom of this article.  In the meantime, let’s continue to take a look at all the issues confronting a person who is seeking a job thru online efforts.

Most people who have such conceptions are the ones that are vulnerable to most of the scams revolving online jobs. They let their emotions rather than reason decide for them when making decisions about the online opportunities. It is important therefore that anyone hunting for jobs online know how to identify the pitfalls because if you don’t know the scams, you also don’t know how to navigate around them, and you will always fall right into them. Use the tips discussed below to identify the dangers of online job hunting and how to stay safe from them.


Receiving offers you did not apply

It is a common trick by the fraudsters to lure their potential victims by offering them job positions in companies that they never made any applications to. These thugs obtain the contacts of the job seekers by maliciously scrapping them from most of the job search sites that you might have used in the past. They then use the contact to get to the applicants and make phony job offers. This does not include only the email offers by, they also use channels such as Skype and they can even give you a call. It is common sense that you don’t deal with such persons. Jobs do not come out of thin air hence no one should ever give you a position you never applied for.


Companies with no physical address

No business operates entirely in the internet. All legitimate business must be traced to some physical location. But you find that most of the online job offers invite job seekers to interviews in private residences or hotel lobbies. In some cases, they prefer to conduct all their interviews online then thereafter go ahead award a position. When you deal with a company that you can’t find its physical location, be careful on any engagements you have with them. An easy way to confirm whether or not the company has any physical location is to search for their contacts in the search engines.

It should be easy to find their contact information including their physical location. If they have been operational for a number of years, then their physical location can be seen directly using applications such as Google Earth. If this is not possible, the best advice is to terminate your engagements with them and look for more reputable organizations with physical addresses.


Offers without contracts or letters of appointments

Many people have ruined their lives and careers by first resigning from their current offline jobs because of an online job offer they received. The sad fact is that they relinquish their positions for one whose terms and conditions they are yet to see. This is a very dangerous move and should be resisted as much as possible. Before you submit your resignation letter for your current job, be sure to already have the appointment letter or a duly signed contract with the company offering you the online job. The letter should cover pertinent issues such as the terms of employment, the nature and extent of your duties, your remunerations and other fine details that will guide your engagement with the company.


Asked to give money

There are also dumb scammers who are naïve enough to ask for money claiming that it is to facilitate the application process to make it go faster and act as a guarantee that the applicants get the jobs. Unfortunately, they thrive at doing this because on the other end of the screen are some naïve applicants whose desperation have pushed them far enough that they are willing to buy a job. Come to think of it! People are paid to work but not to get jobs. No credible employer will ask for money from the applicants. If you meet such people, don’t display your dumbness by flashing out your credit card to make whatever payment they have requested for. Always have in mind that jobs are not bought and whoever is asking you to pay in order to be given a position in any company is a scammer and should be treated with the contempt they deserve.


Use common sense if it sounds too good to be true

Your pursuit for lucrative online jobs should not block your ability to reason soundly and separate the lies from the truth. If you have the knowledge and skills to hunt for online jobs then you should also be able to understand by now that there are no online jobs which will give you instant riches. Despite this knowledge, a multitude still fall for online job offers that even a kid would recognize to be too good to be true. Whenever you have a hunch about an online job offer sounding too good to be true, take your time to determine its authenticity. It’s likely to be one of the million scams luring you to get you close before finally ripping you off.

These are some of the dangers you may run into while hunting for the online jobs and since you now have the ability to recognize them, you should be able to escape them without being a victim of scamming. On a final note, online jobs are real and there are thousands that are legitimate. In order to increase the accuracy of your judgment as you search for them, you should put your desire for quick riches aside so that you make sound decisions that will lead you to the right job. Always have in mind that nothing comes easy and if the deal is too sweet, think twice.


A safe place to utilize when looking for a job online

With all of that in mind, and since I am a full-time researcher in the field of economics, I decided to approach an online job search with a close friend in mind. Since my friend worked as an administrative assistant for several years, I decided to focus on that kind of job, while keeping in mind that my fiend Julie was eager to find a more pleasant area in which to work. I searched for a few hours and ended up on a website aptly titled applyforjobsonline.net. I applied to applyforjobsonline.net and was most surprised by the relevant emails I received After reviewing such factors a ownership details, location, and online reviews, I felt quite comfortable.  Even though a company could have high trust rating online, it’s still worth it to look further and several pages in on search engines. Essentially, I analyzed their detailed website information and found that I can trust applyforjobsonline.net. Fast forward a few days and I had my friend Julie interviewing for Administrative Assistant in Malibu, CA, at Pepperdine University, it doesn’t get much more beautiful than that.   Relocating from her American Honda Motor Company in Torrance, CA, Julie was thrilled to have her lunch nestled amongst landscaping that is native to California’s Mediterranean climate., and complete with the beautiful ocean view she hoped for. It was a nice feeling to provide good assistance for a friend, hopefully this tip can work well for you.


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