Hello Everybody, Can you say “Retention”?

Spring just arrived, the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees have found their new leaves. And I find myself confronted with another way to save money.  It took  just a few minutes, but what a surprise.

It’s call the Retention Department, and I ran into a need to visit it while on a conversation with Time Warner Cable.

I recently got the money together to move into a fairly decent apartment.  The first decadent move I made was to get cable for the first time in many years. TW was promoting a great deal for basic internet  combined with basic cable, $29.00 complete. That number was my absolute maximum I felt I could afford.  Well, as things went, I found myself with a modem problem and the internet service would occasionally fall off.   I called TW and complained because it took 2 visits to solve the problem and I had many days with  little or  no service (I’m always job hunting online for a better job).  Just before the call to TW I noticed a slightly lower rate for similar service at Comcast.  So, while on the phone with TW I also decided to tell them I’m unsatisfied, and I may just quit their service.

The TW operator said; “ Hold On, I’m going to send you to another department”, I replied; “Where”, she replied “Retention Department”  To get right to the point, once at the Retention  Department here’s what happened.

“We want to keep you as a TW customer and we want to offer you something to stay with us” That’s what they said and boom, I suddenly had a really sweat deal.

For the same base price I’m paying they added 2 premium channels, HBO and Cinemax for 9 months, free. Here’s the best part, I can call back in 9 months and tell them I want to leave TW again, and  hopefully work a good deal.



By Max Sinclair (AKA David Ravo)