Best Jobs for young people in America

In the modern world everything is going fast. Everyone has to work hard to earn their living and to handle the tough competition of high standards. They all are the problems created by our society due to the revolution of criteria and judgments. The economical issues and inflation has intended the youngsters to work. They are over whelmed with a lot of responsibilities. Ones who belong to good financial condition have to work to sustain their assets and belongings. The Critical responsibilities on young people enforce them to work hard and look around for different opportunities. Many factors are involved in the experiences.

People who move from other countries to America face many cultural differences and low opportunities for high ranking jobs. Sometimes they do not have enough education and in some cases they face the language differences. Another problem for the youngsters in finding job is their concepts. They set the standards about job nature, work, extra benefits and salary. This causes the issues for those who are not capable for the job and expect more than their abilities. There are many jobs offered by good companies on part time and full time basis which also have many perks and benefits along with high wages. However many of them demand a lot of hard work. Young people can work there to grab opportunities and good savings for their further plans.


Working at Grocery Store
Grocery store jobs are all time available for the teens on the cash counter where as there is an age limitation. The stores have their own criteria of jobs selection. However there are different places like cash counter, handling different racks, products description, service providing or controlling the specialty products like cosmetics and perfumes. They include many benefits because per hour salary is good and they get discounts on purchases. The gift packages are also distributed on different occasions to the costumers. The drawback of this job is the problem of working hours because the workers has to work entire week where as the shift depends on the timing of the store. Many people also have problem with the schedule because they get only off on the Christmas eve.


Working at an Airline

Airline jobs are among the highest paying jobs with the most benefits. The wages are high and benefits are more. They need the youngsters for flights and to work in the aircraft for different jobs. They get high wages and sometime tips from the passengers. The biggest benefit is the trip to different places without extra payments. Cards are assigned to the employees due to that their immediate family members also get discounts on travelling. On higher level airlines also provide the medical and other facilities to their workers. The air craft jobs are the best to built relationships and make contacts because the employees get a big opportunity to interact with the people of different countries.


Working for a Unified School District

The schools are located in different districts of Arizona, California, Kansas, Oregon and Illinois and they are to kindergarten, middle or junior school. They easily hire youngsters having good quality of teaching and handling children. Their wages are good and hourly rate are higher along with exceptional benefits. Usually the schools hire art teachers so the youngsters having art and craft skills can work as the art teacher in the school. The teachers enjoy the interaction with kids and the environment of the school.


Good paying jobs for kids under eighteen

There are many kids who try to start earning in their younger age or to spend the summer holidays in working. Filling the soft drink glasses is not necessary where as it is better to accept the minimum wage instead of nothing. However, some are talented enough to double the amount. It totally depends on the skills, availability, variety of ideas and quality of work. There are various options for the kids of fourteen to eighteen years of age to make good amount.



This is the option for people of any age. Many students are amazingly intelligent in their academics or in some specific subjects. If you think you are capable of teaching then highlight your capabilities and advertise them among the friends and family. You can also distribute flyers or make a good profile on social network to talk about your skills on internet. It will also help you to elaborate or post continuous ads.


Private lessons

Many youngsters are expert of many activities like painting, playing and instrument, dancing, sports or any other crafting. They are preferred by parents because professional private lessons are very expensive and the teachers are not easily accessible. You can start with children in low charges whereas increase the amount as you starts getting more experience. Another idea can also be applied to earn good by just beating the competition. First observe the charges of different private instructors in surroundings then set the fee for your course on lesser rates than them.


Baby sitting and Pet sitting

Majority married couples and parents have a busy working routine due to that they need help in handling their children. They find the options of baby sitting by paying from $10 to $15 per hour. The youngsters can work as the baby sitter by handling the baby at their home if they do not have license. There are many places which give training courses of baby sitting and pet sitting. Pet sitting is also trending part time job which have similar payments. Various courses are available for the pet sitting as well to get the proper knowledge about them. They are the best jobs to built relations and good contacts.



The cleaning service for hotel and houses is not that charming and attention grabbing but it is a good paying job if you get hired. Some people charge a lot for providing extra services like dusting and washing. It is better to start at low rates where as you can add more things by adding small amounts. It is not a glamorous job but can help in earning some amount.


Yard work

The lawnmowers are demanded by the people especially who have big yards. Kids can work there by raking leaves, cutting grass and pulling weeds. It can be started from neighbors and friends on around $20 per hour. There are many organic gardens in America where the organic products are grown and teenagers can enjoy the gardening by earning good amount. They also provide the facility of living in the organic garden. The people living far can enjoy living there and get experience especially the kids who are going to study such kind of things in future.


Jobs with tips

Such kind of jobs can give $50 to $100. The best jobs considered for kids are the golf caddy. Good amounts are paid to hold the bags and belongings of the players in the golf course. The jobs of waiter or waitress are also good for the youngsters. Sometimes the tips give more than the salary. The food chains like Mc Donalds offer a range of jobs for the counter or servings. They have separate party area which is decorated on the events and the person who adorns it gets paid.



The highest paying job is the lifeguard job for the teenagers because they save the lives of people. Interested candidates are required to be at least 15 years old. They have to complete a course and get an American Red cross lifeguard certification. All the first aid and tricks are taught to them it is highly informative with very good payment.


Best jobs for high school students

The tough task is to find a good job during the high school. The work with homework becomes very difficult to handle for many people. People belonging from this lose their personal life. They cannot manage in the extracurricular activities or hanging out with friends becomes very difficult. They have many other responsibilities to handle. The students of practical field or from arts face more difficulties because they have a lot of work to do. However they have the biggest benefit of selling their art work. They can make tattoos with ball points or paint shirts for other students. This kind of work is highly admired by the people.

Many students work for the paper delivery they start working at the very early in the morning. They learn to manage the time and money before entering into the practical life. By doing the jobs many teenagers learn to manage their life properly. They experience many things while doing jobs in different sectors. The students belonging from very strong backgrounds do not know about controlling and utilizing the money where as the independent ones have better knowledge of handling everything. They get the power of management because the things learned during studies are just the basic knowledge where as the jobs teach the implementation of the ideas and increase the creativity. The students having knowledge of medicine can work for the drug store or any lab.


Should high school students work jobs? 

Many people think that the jobs during the student life can exploit the career of students. It is a very big threat to the education quality because their complete grades get disturbed due to them. However the job during the school life can become a very big support to many people. If they manage everything along with the job and also participate in the activities, then they definitely are genius. It is not that difficult to manage because million of students in America control their money and manage their expenses by doing small jobs. They can construct a proper schedule to distribute their time equally in different things. They can also work for different companies as part time employees to open doors for more high level jobs. Some students have the significant quality of managing everything. They get the high grades and show best performance in everything. Such kind of people are admired everywhere.

In this time of economical inflation it becomes tough for a person to get the job immediately after graduating where as if a student is working with a good company, can get the high ranking job as he receives his degree because the company and the higher authority already recognize his skills and expertise. There are many schools whose criteria are very tough to pass where as their annual charges are also very high and makes the affordability difficult. It is good for the student to work along with studies to manage the expenses. Many teenagers in America become the professionals as they pass out the college or before completing the college. The student gets the practical experience of handling problems, using money and managing time in a very practical manner. However this approach should not be used to influence child labor but the students should be allowed to work for a limited time of a day to earn enough amounts for them.


Part time jobs for High school students

Some students prefer to take part time jobs where as some independent natured do not agree with doing a job. They are more influenced in doing something of their own. They are inspired by the ideas of becoming independent and self supported hence they start looking for small businesses or become young entrepreneur. It is better to make a list containing the best skills a student have. Then they should think about the investment or the nature of business that is more interesting to him. The idea of constructing a business is excellent because no one knows about the destiny and luck. A real life example is Mark Zuckerberg who constructed a small site for the students of Harvard to communicate with each other. He started spreading it among the other universities to interact and share the work with each other. With the passage of time it became necessary to upgrade it and spread it more among the people. Now that amazing huge social media is known as facebook and the owner is a multi billionaire. There are some works that high school students can easily manage to handle.


Animal shelter worker  

The animal lovers can enjoy the amazing part time job of animal shelter. They can get the chance to spend time with animals. The shelter authority pays less and demand more time for the animals. It is required to take care of the animals and given them the maximum time. It is also highly important to clean the cages or living area of the animal. If you are thinking to be a volunteer then this job is the best. You can also get something in return where as there might be a lot of things that you never want to do. Like their cage cleaning becomes difficult and controlling the sick animals. While the animal shelters rescue the animals, some of them are in really pathetic condition which becomes heart wrenching several times. It can be the best part time job for those who want to do something for the welfare.


Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts are admired in every era and in every place. They people who have good skills in crafting can earn very good by a little hard work. The market always welcomes handmade items and crafts especially during the seasonal occasions and events. Before the Christmas many temporary markets are arranged where people stops for the last minute shopping. You can make a good Christmas collection and can participate in the art fair to sell the items. The summer art festivals are always admired by the people. If you really want to earn good with your crafts then make an online shop. There are many websites where the online shops can be arranged. This is the more reasonable way of earning because in this way you do not need to pay for the stall charges, table rentals or other formalities to participate in the exhibition. This will only require the supplies of making the handicrafts. The skilled and creative people can earn very well in this way and most of them can earn a steady income. Biggest benefit on internet is the extensive clientage. Once you send them a good quality product in reasonable price then the clients starts recommending the link of your store.


Baby sitting

Baby sitting is a good option for high school students because they can give time in their free time to the kids. However it can be a full time job during the semester breaks and can help in getting a very good amount the working parents appreciate the responsible youngsters to handle their kids while they go for a job. The intensive courses of life guard, pet sitting and babysitting are offered by Red cross they includes the basic techniques of feeding, interviewing tips, diapering the baby, psychological behaviors and reactions of kids and the first aid. They increase the expertise of a baby sitter and certified baby sitters are always highly demanded because the parents get assured about the safety of the kids. Students who love kids can enjoy their job while handling and this can be done at their own home so they can manage their own work after giving an activity to the kids. When the kids get busy in eating, playing with something or sleeping then the homework and class room tasks can be managed easily. Good relationships are built in this way and you can do this work anytime you want because being in touch with the parents provides you the ease of keeping the children and refusing if you have something more important to do.


Car Wash Attendants

During the warm climate nothing is more delightful than a car wash. The people interested in automobiles enjoy their job because it gives them a chance of getting outside. The wages are less but the job is a fun there is nothing hectic in the job. The biggest perk is that the employees can keep their car shiny and clean without paying a little. It is also informative and in this field many mechanical works can also be learned because the car mechanics are available with the car wash service.


Document, Photograph Archival service

Almost everyone has the digital camera and they have the photos stored in their device. The shops which give the services charge big amounts. Otherwise nobody helps in archiving the record. It takes a lot of time. You can help them in managing their records by scanning and keeping the photos. Charge the price per picture and ask for the friends and family first. You can earn more if you know photoshop. Increase the charges for the edited picture and enhance the quality of the pictures. You can also give the service of renewing the old images. This will need time but can help in earning a good amount. After working on the photos they can be saved in Google documents or the pictures can be saved on DVD’s, websites or computer. You can make an album on social media website where as to keep them safe, apply privacy on them if you do not want to share the photos.


Make pen art

The new trend is the trending pen art. If you are a good artist then your pen can be an amazing tool to earn good amount. Learn new pictures making from the internet. You can make the tattoos with ball point and promote them especially during the parties. They can also be drawn on paper, greeting cards and t-shirts. You can promote your work by adding painting techniques and many other things. The Henna tattoos can also be done in black color or in the typical henna color. The studios offering the services charge a lot on their creativity whereas you can charge lesser amounts.


Landscape / Lawn Care

The landscaping is a job of very creative minds. However the lawn care is lesser creative but it needs time. Many people love their lawns and always keep on looking around for the people who can take care of the lawn like them. It only required one or two visits per week. You need to know about the weeds and plants. If you are a fond of gardening then start learning a little about the plants and trees to become reliable for the people.

Many students work on the shoveling of snow during the winter season. They clean the lawns and house areas to make them free of the snow. You can borrow a lawnmower to give the services of grass cutting in fact you can use the gardening equipment of your father to start the basic work. Many people even pay $175 per month for just 4 visits. If you have around five houses of same price and you ensure them the visit on each day then by working five days a week you can earn very good amount. The lawn care is sometimes hectic and boring where as it can be a part time business if you give the landscaping services as well.


Pizza delivery

Pizza delivery is more the job of tips than the salary because the pizza café never pay higher amount to their delivery drivers but the customers pay tips. If you have a car and you are having a good record then apply for the delivery driver. The pizza delivery job can be the best teaching to learn the time management and sense of responsibility. The right attitude and being on time can give good amounts by the customers. In some cases the pizza drivers are robbed or assaulted by the other side so it becomes intolerable for some people. However if the tasks are handles carefully then it can be a good paying job.


Packing and Moving Services

Movers are ensured and bonded by the companies so most of the companies charge higher amounts on moving and packing services. The professional movers charge very high amounts for their services but they are expert of packing and loading. They immediately pack everything and load them on the truck. You can join one of the services if you think that you can help them in loading and packing because there are also household furniture and other interior objects. During the summer season it becomes a hectic job and difficult to handle. Where as you can take break to have water and rest a little. The wages of the employees are average or more than average but the tips are distributed among all the staff. You can get this job but it depends upon the capability because you need to pick things and in some cases very heavy things.


Personal assistant services

The dentist personal assistants are usually very young and earn a very good amount along with many benefits. This job provides many benefits and learning opportunity by working in a good environment. There are many other fields where the people need assistants and helpers for their services. The gifts wrapping, Walking dogs and help in handling kids are some errands that can also give a good earning. You can make flyers of the skills you have and the services you can provide. Distribute it among your neighbors and relatives. They will not only hire you but will recommend others about your services. More responsibilities you will have from them more money you will make. It will increase the benefits and will help you in making your own contact with the people having various businesses. While coding your charges first calculate the time you have to give with the nature of the task. This will help you make good amount. If you handle the work properly, you also get gifts or tips from clients.


Restaurant staff

There are many places where the vacancies are available. The wait staff is also required to provide the services of the hotel to the customers. The wages are not high normally but the tips can help in making good amount. During the working hour’s employees of the hotel gets free meals and can have a lot of fun. In some cases the customers also give hard time and shift can be longer but the benefit is the payment. The big hotel chains also provide many other benefits. The hotel staff can get big discounts if they want any service from that hotel or restaurant. Many things can be learned by this job including patience, money management, customer services and customer behavior handling, food handling and preparation, different other skill like decorating for occasions, garnishing the foods and making specialty salads. It is a very popular job among the teenagers through which they easily manage their expenses along with learning the art of multi tasking.


Retail Job

The retail jobs are a good option for the students and the pharmaceutical, super store and markets look for the students to work as the retailer. It is an easy job and gives good experience. The students also get time for their own tasks and can complete the work easily. This job does not have the tough schedule and the students can enjoy their work. Along with the job salary they get good discounts and time for their school tasks. Students learn how to effectively deal with the customers. They can work only on the weekends if do not have enough time to handle the job. This job is best for those who do not have time to work for the whole week but just want to make some amount for their own pocket money.


Tutor and private lessons

Some students are brilliant in their education and have the skills to control the children. They can take advantage of their education by providing the tutoring service. In the starting people will prefer more if the charges are low because normally the tutors charge a lot per hour. If you are the expert of technical subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry or management then you can charge more. These subjects require practice and logical approach so they are high paying subjects. To have more you can give offer if one brings another student then give 10% discount on the monthly fees. In this way students will bring their friends and class fellows to you. Private lessons can also be given if you know plying a guitar, dancing or any crafting technique. They can help you in earning good money because normally the private tutors charge high amounts but the parents prefer the one who charge less.


Ware house and Distribution Jobs

There are many ware houses where the packing and unpacking services are required. You can join them if you do not mind a muscle exertion. These jobs are available on any schedule like part time or evening hours. They pay minimum wages but are perfect for the people searching for the jobs. The work becomes easier and wages may increase by working for a longer period. For the distribution, you go to different places and in this way can observe for more opportunities near you. The distribution centers are always ready to welcome new people for their work schedule.


Web Designer

This skill can give you very good earning if you know other software along with it. There are many students working as the freelancers for various websites. They can work for on their own schedule and can get web page designing task. Working at home gives you a very good chance to manage the clients because you have to do everything on your own. Just sit on your computer and provide the best quality you have. You have to explore your skills as much as you can so your client will never go to anywhere else. This thing will help you to become a free lancer and in this way you can manage a very good steady income.


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