A Legal Remedy For Credit Problems

People can either hide from creditors, hide their bad credit or use the law to help them take action to bring their bad credit into lasting repair. The Lexington Law firm has been helping people repair their credit for over 20 years. They help consumers learn their rights and then show them various ways to use that knowledge to overcome damaged credit. Initial repair consultations are free, and includes a complete review one’s free credit report, score and summary.

At Lexington Law, they use their knowledge of consumer protections to the advantage of their clients. They are equipped with knowledge of road blocks, the laws and the process for properly repairing credit. Their rates are described as affordable and worth the improvement of results. They have vanquished over 4,800,000 negative credit items from their clients’ reports, and have aided hundreds of thousands of people to repair their damaged credit. Last year alone they removed millions of items from credit reports – legally and properly.

Many clients have seen substantial credit correction results within four months. Although results may vary, one satisfied client shared their delight at how their consumer life became better by stating:“I have had your service for over a year now. I have a new truck at a great interest rate and a loan at a great interest rate. All creditors rave about how great my credit is. It sounds really weird but i am getting the credit now! Thank you so much!”

Credit has come to equate with credibility and Lexington Law knows this. They ensure the highest of industry standards and best practices, and their initial repair review comes with no obligation to obtain further services. As Lexington Law indicates, credit repair is within reach of the average citizen. After all, it’s hard to buy vehicles and to obtain other goods without good credit. Good credit also comes with better interest rates and other benefits.

Doors literally shut in the faces of many people with poor credit ratings. It doesn’t matter much if extenuating circumstances, even disasters, caused the person to lose their favorable credit. What creditors see is a credit rating. For example, they are not privilege to the fact that a motor vehicle accident set in motion a series of events that led to losses. Such an event can impact the person with the loss of that vehicle which they needed to get to work or perform entrepreneurial functions. From there the person can lose their job or business income. It won’t be long before they fall behind on non-essential bills. Even if the person is eventually made whole from the experience through an insurance payout or settlement, they still may have damaged credit as a collateral result of the loss.

All it takes is something unexpected, even an illness; and the credit rating takes a plunge. When people are sick for extended periods of time they may eventually run out of sick days to cover the extent of their medical crisis. If they continue to miss work, eventually they may have some non-compensated days. Once they are back on their feet they will be playing catch-up in many ways, trying to pay bills that were left unattended. This is yet another example of an extenuating circumstance which may cause a person to experience a decline in their credit rating. Truly the scenarios are too numerous to mention.

Consider how many people start to pay only essential bills, such as utilities and rent, when their income decreases. Credit cards bills, loan payments, payday loans, revolving credit loans and other bills fall by the wayside when people are in survival mode. When one considers the hierarchy of needs, it makes sense that when people are thrown into survival mode, they don’t have much time and energy to devote to higher needs.

A layoff from a job is another example that may impact a person’s credit. If they receive unemployment benefits it may take a while before the benefits kick in. Even when they do, they are not at the same pay level that the person enjoyed when they were working.

Within the Lexington Law firm are many independent credit repair attorneys and professionals in various key industries. Their network of experts span the globe. Lawyers are associated independent consumer advocacy law firms whose primary focus is credit-related issues. These attorneys don’t stay hidden, as their profiles, interviews, and other details can be viewed on the site. The transparency of this firm is evident in other areas, as well.

As financial health becomes more critical, people are finding that they are unable to get certain jobs, live in certain places or neighborhoods, or attend certain universities because of bad credit. Bankruptcys, charge-offs, tax liens and other credit problems have caused many people to abandon the idea that there is help for their troubled credit. Some have decided to just live with it, but others have elected to get help.

It ends up that not all help in this arena is real, bonafide help. As an example, Lexington Law knows that credit repair is not about making ineffective disputes to credit agencies and using other tactics that draw out and delay the ultimate benefit of an optimally improved credit standing. Instead some share that they are amazed at the phenomenal service they receive at a rate that they never imagined possible. Still others come away armed with knowledge about questions they are entitled to ask and other relevant details that they need to know about their own credit.

On the website, customers will find a credit related blog, webinars, articles and books about credit repair; along with more information about scams, fraudulent services and other credit repair pitfalls that abound in the marketplace. For instance, Dr. Randy Padawer is credited with the Credit Insider Articles, which feature information from top-tier credit repair experts. Books and articles with valuable information that offer insight and credit wisdom that help many separate truth from fiction are also found on the site. Once people get the facts straight, such as the true role and power of credit bureaus, which things impact the credit score, how to start down the road to credit repair, etc., they become their own advocates. Content includes a newsroom, with press releases and other media information related to the industry.

Other tools are available at  HYPERLINK “https://www.lexingtonlaw.com/”https://www.lexingtonlaw.com HYPERLINK “https://www.lexingtonlaw.com.They/”. They are not just a law firm that handles credit repair, they are the leading expert in credit repair within the industry. Their team includes paralegals, legal assistants, etc. No matter who one deals with at this company, their transactions and disclosures are protected by the client-attorney privilege.

Private repair companies can’t offer this assurance. In addition, some commit fraud or make promises that they can’t keep. If dispute attempts are not handled properly, they could come back to haunt the consumer in ways innumerable and unpleasant. Regular credit repair organizations may not know all the applicable laws related to credit and consumer protection. Even if they have this information at their disposal, they may not know that some of their practices and strategies are tacky, shady or downright illegal.

One advantage to using a law firm is that they have the inside track on laws and various consumer protection statutes, and they are mandated to protect the client’s information, even after the relationship has ended. Some credit repair companies will sell personal details to lenders and other credit-based companies without obtaining your consent.

By turning to this firm and using their resources, many learn more about their credit rights than they every have known before. Armed with better education on the subject, many have been able to maximize their scores and advocate on their own behalf. They may even stand a better chance of maintaining their good credit once they are in the clear. After all, the idea of good credit is that it endures, so the consumer gets the benefits over a lifetime.



About Lexington Law

The company was founded in 1991 with the goal of assisting consumers in taking on their dispute-worthy credit troubles the legal way without spending a lot of money. The law practice is a consumer-oriented one that fused the rigorous regulations that are mandatory with creative credit repair answers that consumers needed. At the time of their inception, the credit repair industry was suffering from a bad reputation in many ways.

Fast forward to 2014, Lexington Law stands as an experienced force enabling many consumers to tackle their credit problems. They are a highly trusted leader in the credit repair industry.


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