A few months ago my sister wanted to renovate our old house

A few months ago my sister wanted to renovate our old house.  I moved to a bigger city for a new job offer and it is about 2 hours of driving from the place my sister lives in. Since our parents died and we didn’t have other siblings, she stayed to live alone there. I wasn’t able to come and help her much with the renovating, besides, there was no chance for two women to do all the work by themselves. She had some savings and, after thinking it through, she decided to go with the plan. She asked me what should she do about it and do I have any suggestions. I told her that the easiest way would be to hire some professionals that know what they are doing. They will finish it faster than anyone else we could hire and most definitely faster than the two of us. She took my advice and next morning called a few companies to see what they offer.

After dozens of calls she finally found onecompany  that, she thought, was able to do what she needs. When she asked about the price, it seemed reasonable and coverable by her budget. I told her that it would be good to get an estimation of the work and how much would cost everything that has to be done, but she said that she already spoke to the company and told them about the house and what needs to be fixed. She also said that the company’s estimation meets her budget and that maybe a hundred or two dollars more will not be a problem. That was a really beautiful, spacious house, but it was over 50 years old. There probably were things to be fixed that couldn’t bee seen until you turn the house upside down and check every corner of it. That is were my sister’s problems started. The house was supposed to be finished in 3 to 4 days, but instead, the works continued for two weeks. I came one weekend to see her and  ask how things were going, but when I came and saw the state in which the house was and what has to be repaired, I got a bit worried. I saw that she was worried too. I told her that I have noticed that there is much more work to be done than it looks and asked her if she took my advice and made an estimation. She said that, when she spoke to their employer, he said that her budget will cover it. We both knew that, by now, the price she has to pay is way above her budget. I told her that she should go to the company and ask them to calculate how much she will have to pay, there was no time to waste. She knew that she had to pay a bigger amount than she had. I told her that I will help her as much as I can, but I recently bought a car and it was questionable if the amount that I can offer her will be enough.

So, the next morning I went with her to the company to see what is expecting us after the work is done. When they made the estimation, she had to pay about $10,000, and that was almost double the money that she had saved. She started to panic, but I tried to calm her down. She knew that there was no one that she could borrow that amount of money from, but me. As I already mentioned, I had my costs too and I didn’t have the money she needed. She lacked about $4,000 and I had just half of it to give her, and that is when I reduce my spending to minimum. The two of us knew that we had to get the money by the end of the week or there will be more problems that probably couldn’t be solved with only $2,000. She called a few friends that she thought could maybe help her, but they all rejected her, saying that they too have financial issues and can’t help her.

On Monday, I went back to work and went to a lunch break with my friend from the office. Since we are also friends outside the work, I told herwhat was happening with my sister and our house. She said that she would gladly help us, but she doesn’t have the money we need. While talking about the money and loan, she suddenly remembered that a year ago her brother was also in need of money. He needed a similar amount in a very short period and all the banks he tried rejected him. Being desperate for money, he also heard about it from a friend, signed up and got the money from Prosper Loans. She said that he was really satisfied with the outcome and that this will be his first choice when it comes to loans. It sounded like a good decision, either way, there is nothing to lose. In the meanwhile, my sister also tried with some banks, but they all rejected her. There was also to much paperwork to wait for, taking into account the short time that we had left to collect the money. My friend calledher brother and he told her how it functions and what documents we need. So, I called my sister and told her what my friend told me earlier. She was thrilled and relieved, and so was I. I told her that I’m coming tomorrow after work and that we will see toghether how it functions. We were surpised how easy it was to create you loan listing. All the documents we needed, we already had and our money was only a few clicks away. All went smoothly, the process of verification and everything. My sister had money on her account in the same week. She was very satisfied with the whole system of Prosper Loans and with their flexibility, dinamic and the rates that they offer. You have different amounts of money, various periods of paying back and you can choose a purpose you are borrowing the money for. She borrowed $2000 and her monthly payment to Prosper was more than affordable. She got the money on time with favorable interest and she couldn’t be more satisfied. Even though she has one year to pay off the whole amount that she received, she is paying it even quicker in order to avoid the interest charges.

We saw that you have so much possibilities when taking a loan from Prosper and you can get the best of it. Another thing that is great about their service is that you actually loan from peers that invested here, so you all get a piece of cake. You even don’t have to leave your house; once you have the papers you need, all you have to do is create your loan listing and update the required papers, and the money will soon be in your account. We managed to pay off the company for their work, our house looks incredible and our bank accounts are not empty nor are we struggling to pay back the money we owe. In fact, we are almost done with the payments even though our year has not yet expired. We coudn’t be happier about our decision and about the services that Prosper offers to their clients. In the future, when we need these kinds of personal loans, we will not have to wander around looking for a bank and begging to give us a loan, we know now  which is the right place that can make our lives easier and help us, and that is certainly Prosper Loans.


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