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Animal surgery processes can be expensive

I have been a pensioner for 15 years and I have a little Jack Russell which I had since I retired. Because I live alone this little dog is my primary companion and I derive a whole lot of pleasure from this little animal. However, recently this little animal has developed a serious medical condition, which could only be resolved through surgery. Even though I live reasonably comfortably on my pension allowance, I did not have the money to pay for this procedure, which was rather urgent in order to save the life of that animal. Because of my involvement in information technology while I was still working I am reasonably experienced with things relating to personal computers and Internet, therefore I started to share my problem with people online and especially on webpages that deals with the treatment of animals. It was then that someone told me about 100dayloans and how this company  would definitely be a viable option which could provide me with a way in which to afford this surgical procedure.


Losing my little companion would really be devastating

Although I understand that my little Jack Russell is not a young puppy anymore, and that there is a possibility that this surgical procedure will only be a short term solution, I nevertheless feel that losing this little animal at this point in time is simply not something which I will be able to deal with. Therefore I was really hoping that 100dayloans will provide me with a good solution to this problem which I was facing. I am happy to say that the process was even easier than I anticipated and even as an elderly person I found the online application process to be simple, efficient and quick to complete. Ever since I retired I have avoided all debt since I already have a home which is fully paid for, as well as all the other things which an elderly person may need. This is why 100dayloans was exactly what I needed because I only need an amount of $2500, which I was determined to repay over a three-month period. I do not want to end up in a situation where debtors are generating claims against my estate because all of my possessions are already assigned to my children.


Amazingly fast approval

Over the years I had many encounters with banks and I am fully aware of how those bureaucratic processes can be delayed by uncooperative loan officials, and an unnecessary complicated banking process. I simply did not want to follow that route with my loan and especially because I needed an immediate solution to my problem.  100dayloans has met all my expectations, the loan was quickly approved and the cash was available almost immediately. Now two months later my pet has almost recovered completely and more than 75% of my loan has been repaid. I would certainly recommend this solution to other people in my position, and I am truly thankful for the person who has given me this timely advice. To me this solution has been heaven sent and I am truly grateful that I still have my little companion with me.


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